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Being offered a Covid19 vaccine

Posted on January 18th, 2021

We understand that individuals are keen to receive the vaccine as soon as possible. We received numerous calls last week from patients asking to be prioritised.


You do not need to call us. Your medical record contains everything we need to know to ensure you are offered a vaccine at the right time.


How will we find you at the right time?


Every time you see a clinician , have a test or we receive a letter from the hospital we add “codes” to identify each condition that you have been diagnosed with. We also store every medication you have received. This information is stored securely on our clinical system forever.


When we want to find a group of patients we create a search for these codes, medications or results. Most of COVID vaccination searches are just age! This creates a list of patients for us to contact.


We are currently vaccinating those aged over 75 years old and Health and Social Care workers.


If you are a frontline health or social care worker please email reception with an ID badge/driving licence and a recent payslip. Once this has been verified and, providing that there is a clinic organized,  you will be offered the vaccination.

Neither the Berinsfield Health Centre or the Abingdon and District Primary Care Network of which Berinsfield Health Centre is part of,  have a say when the vaccines are being delivered.  We are notified  with a few days’ notice  and from then clinics are organized. Thank you for your patience. There will be enough vaccines for everyone.

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