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Homely Remedies

Many minor illnesses and minor injuries will get better on their own and can be managed safely at home. It is advisable to keep a supply of common treatments in your medicine cabinet for these situations. These are all available over the counter at a pharmacy (often at less than the cost of a prescription), or from a supermarket shelf. We recommend that you keep a supply of the following:


Paracetamol mixture and/or ibuprofen syrup for fever or pain.

Antihistamine mixture (e.g. Piriton) for itchy skin conditions



Antiseptic solution or cream

White soft paraffin (e.g. Vaseline) for dry skin

Hydrocortisone cream for mild eczema and insect stings

Paracetamol tablets 500mg – 2 four hourly for fever or pain

Aspirin soluble tablets 300mg 0 2 four hourly for fever or pain OR 2 dissolved in water as a gargle for sore throats (caution in children, asthmatics, indigestion sufferers)

Ibuprofen 400mg – 1 after meals up to three times a day for aches and pains, sprains, bad backs etc (caution in asthmatics and those with indigestion or history of peptic ulcer)

NB: Paracetamol may be combined with aspirin OR ibuprofen if a stronger painkiller is required.

Decongestant nose drops (eg xylometazoline) for blocked nose associated with a cold (do not use continuously for more than 1 week)

Antacid tablets or liquid for indigestion or heartburn

Antihistamine tablets for itchy rashes or insect stings (may be sedating)