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All staff adhere to the Practice’s Confidentiality Policy and Data Protection Act 2018.


GP Trainees/Registrars

GP registrars are doctors undergoing specialist GP training. As part of their training programme, they spend 6-12 months working in the practice before they are assessed to become fully qualified GPs. The trainee will see most patients independently, but has a GP Trainer (Dr Clark or Dr Crawshaw) to supervise their work and education.

Foundation Year 2 doctors

We are also sometimes involved in training recently qualified doctors. The rest of their two year foundation programme is spent working in hospitals. “F2” doctors see some patients independently but will always discuss their patients with a supervising GP.

Video recording of consultations

GPs in training are required to video record consultations with patients at times for further training, and assessment of consultation skills. No patient is obliged to participate, and signed consent before and after a recorded consultation must be obtained from any patient. The video recording is deleted once the training and assessment is completed.

Review of confidential patient notes

From time to time the practice is subject to a “training approval visit” by an external team comprising other Oxfordshire GPs and practice managers. This team will check that we are sufficiently well-organised, and providing care of the high standards required, to train other doctors. Part of this process will involve doctors from this external team viewing a small sample of patient notes. No records will be removed from the premises for these purposes; doctors involved in this process are subject to the usual strict standards of patient confidentiality.  If you have any further questions, please direct your enquiries to the practice manager.

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