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Patient Survey 2022

The survey was conducted between 28th April and 9th The results are displayed below:

Total number of responses received: 32 Comments  
Age Groups 16-21 – 1

22-30- 2

31-45- 6

46-60- –3

61-75- 8

76+- 12




Length of registration

·     17 patients have been registered over 30 years

·     6 patients between 16-30 years

·     2 patients 6-15 years

·     3 patients  0-5 years

·     3 patients did not answer

1.      Generally, how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP practice on the phone?


· Very easy 12

· Fairly easy 17

· Not very easy 3

· Not at all easy 0

· Have not tried 0

· Very fast and easy, kind staff

· Message on phone indicating queue number

· Never wait long to get through

· Receptionists are SO  helpful, kind and patient

·  Normally takes a while to get through

· Sometimes the phones are not answered

· Depends on what time of the day

· It’s hard to get through to talk to anyone

· Sometimes wait a long time before the phone is answered

·  Jackie and Tracey are excellent

· Takes forever for them to answer the phone


2.      How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP practice?



Very helpful 22

Fairly helpful 9

Not very helpful 1

Not at all helpful

Don’t know

·       Respect privacy and always helpful and polite

·      Extremely helpful

·      There is sometimes problems overhearing conversations

·      Sometimes they can help buy it is not a receptionist I want to talk to

3.      How satisfied are you with the general practice appointment times that are available to you?


Very satisfied 17

Fairly satisfied 13

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 1

Fairly dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied 1

I am not sure when I can get an appointment 0

·      Open t good times

·      Always on time

·      Always same day

·      Open at good times

·      Usually, can book online

·      Sometimes my doctor is not at the surgery

·      I can usually be seen promptly and often get a choice of appointment times

·      Most of the time we can get an appointment when needed

·      Face to  face is better than talking on the phone

·       I never get a face to face anymore, it’s always over the phone.

4.      How often do you see or speak to your preferred GP when you would like a ‘review appointment’?


Always or almost always 10

A lot of the time 3

Some of the time 9

Never or almost never 3

I have not tried 7


·      Always consistent with the doctor I see

·      Always fit us in and listen to our issues

·      Never had any problems

·      Doctor is not always available

·      Since Dr C jones left never got told who my GP was. But easy to get through to the one I want to see.

·      Knowing when doctor is on duty, on any day

5.      How often do you see or speak to your preferred GP when you would like a ‘same day appointment’?


Always or almost always 9

A lot of the time 8

Some of the time 8

Never or almost never 1

I have not tried 6

·      There is a phone triage service which is good

·      Preferred GP will call back on the phone

·      You don’t have to explain a second time to another doctor

6.      What single change would improve your experience of the practice?


·         Nothing

·         Quicker at answering the phone

·          Make appointments in advance like we used to

·         Receptionists and how they communicate

·         Displaying doctors’ availability in the village voice

·         Getting easier appointment

·         More availability for blood tests

·         Seeing or talking to my doctor

·         Not having to attend

·         An easier access by phone

·         Home visits if needed

·         More doctors

·         App to have more options

·         Proper appointments again

·         Too loud on the phone

·         Ensure the prescriptions are  put through to pharmacy – sometimes doesn’t happen!

·         Easier face to face

7.      Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP practice? Very good 15

Fairly good 11

Neither good nor poor 5

Fairly poor  1


Comments ·  Very helpful and kind staff

·  Keep up the good work

·  Satisfied with present arrangements

·  All staff are brilliant and so helpful

·  Drs try to be more friendly. No talk about other patients moaning

·  Reception tries their best. Doctors not available every day- should have had a review last September. Nurses excellent, always can get an appointment for next time.

·  I have struggled to see my doctor. I got transferred to another doctor without being told. Sometimes, I have found It very hard.

·  NHS is under pressure due to a lack of funding over many years, NHS needs proper investment by the government.

·  Quite welcoming

·  Referring to hospitals is difficult or very slow

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