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Covid19 Boosters advice

Posted on December 7th, 2021

Booster Programme

The NHS is working on plans to offer:

  • a booster dose to everyone aged 18 year old and over
  • a booster dose to people aged 16 years old and over with a severely weakened immune system
  • booster doses from 3 after the previous date – currently its from 6 months after the previous dose
  • a 2nd dose to all children aged 12 to 15 years old who are not already eligible

Please note that this is not yet available.  Please wait to be contacted by the NHS about your booster.


Frontline health and social care staff will be able to book their booster vaccination via the national booking system.  To make a booking please visit Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS ( or call 119.


Vaccination of Children

If you have a query regarding the school vaccination programme please send your query to:  Vaccination bookings for children ages 12 – 15 will available via the national booking system shortly: Book or manage your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (


Vaccines Administered outside of England

There is currently not a central mechanism for capturing details of vaccinations administered outside of England on a patients record.  A technical solution to support the recording of  vaccinations received outside of England within the UK is in development.  Vaccines administered outside of the UK will not be recognised by the UK COVID certificate / NHS COVID pass even when the central mechanism is in place.  Vaccine courses should not be repeated just so that individuals can receive the NHS COVID pass.

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