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NHS Digital data sharing

Posted on June 8th, 2021

NHS Digital data sharing

You might have heard about the NHS Digital’s plans for sharing patient data and have some questions around how this affect you. To help explain this in more detail, watch this video to find out more.

Opting out

There are two types  of patient data opt out, there is the  the Type 1 Opt-out for patient data held by the GP Practice and the National Data Opt-Out (formerly known as Type 2 Opt-out). NHS Digital will automatically collect patient data unless you opt-out.  You may select both types of opt-out or just one.

Type 1 Opt-out

If you do not  want your patient data, held by  the GP Practice, to be shared with NHS Digital,  you will need to complete the Type 1 Opt-out form.  Download the Type 1 Opt-out form here.  Please return any completed forms to the front desk or email 

The deadline to submit this form, to exclude any historical data, is  the 31st August 2021. You can still submit your form after the 23rd June 2021, but any patient data prior to  September 1st 2021 will be collected by NHS Digital.

Find out more information about the Type 1 Opt-Out here.

Type 2 Opt-out (National Data Opt-Out)

To complete the National Data Opt-out please complete the online form here.  There is currently no deadline for the National Data Opt-out.


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